Does Cbd Oil Help Cancer? – According To Doctor Monika Wassermann

It may be worth further exploring the use of cannabidiol oil (CBD) as a potential treatment for lung cancer, as suggested by Doctor Monika Wassermann along with doctors in BMJ Case Reports after talking to a daily user whose lung cancer has shrunk without the help of conventional lung cancer treatment. So does cbd oil help cancer? Although the research is still very early, experts suggest that cannabidiol (CBD) may play a role in cancer treatment, in particular by slowing tumor growth and causing cancer cells to die. CBD could be a valuable complementary treatment for breast cancer because it can sensitize cells, allowing potentially lower doses of these toxic chemicals to be administered

For example, there is evidence from various studies that cannabidiol (CBD) reduces the growth of lung and prostate cancer, causes colon, lung, and brain cancer cells to die, and reduces the spread (metastasis) of breast cancer.

A 2010 study demonstrated the efficacy of CBD in preclinical models of metastatic breast cancer. Specifically, CBD has been shown to eventually cause the activation of the intrinsic apoptosis pathway present in breast cancer cells, leading to cell death. Another interesting finding from this study is that C oil protects cancer cells from the toxic effects of CBD.

Again, the specific effect of CBD oils on reducing cell viability was seen in all 3 types of cancer. Studies of cancer cell lines and animal models have shown that CBD causes an interruption in the spread of cancer cells and death. A 2014 study looked at in vivo experimental models of colon cancer and suggested that CBD could inhibit colorectal cancer cell proliferation while CBD had no effect on healthy cells.

More recently, health niche writer and medical professional Doctor Monika Wassermann notes how scientists have reported that THC and other cannabinoids such as when you shop cbd gummies and have used them for a while it can slow the growth and/or cause death of certain types of cancer cells that grow in laboratory glassware. In 1976, Karchman and colleagues found that the administration of cannabinoids such as D 8 -THC, D 9 -THC and CBD inhibited DNA synthesis and growth of lung adenocarcinoma in cultured cells and mouse tumor models. Another study described a synthetic cannabinoid analog, O-1663, which was shown to be more effective than CBD and D9-THC and similarly induce cell death and autophagy.

Our results showed no attendant effect when comparing pure CBD and high CBD hemp oils, in contrast to a recent study on breast cancer cells that found the herb to be more effective than pure THC in reducing cell viability. The purpose of our study was to investigate whether CBD oil derived from cannabis (C. sativa) was more effective than pure CBD in reducing cancer cell viability, thereby supporting the concept of an “entourage” effect in this particular case.

Consistent with several studies, we have found that THC can reduce cell viability in colorectal cancer to levels similar to CBD in the absence of serum conditions (data not shown) and therefore our results are consistent. The researchers concluded that many cancers currently show promising results in vitro (tests outside the body of the body) and in vivo (tests inside the whole living body), but that few cancer clinical trials are not yet 100 percent complete. pure CBD.

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