Good Places to Stay in Bristol for Work

Bristol is an absolutely stunning city rich with history, one-of-a-kind eating experiences, and a robust commercial sector. Of course, its active economy also makes it a popular work destination.

Where do you go when your business needs you in the Bristol area for an extended period? Where can you live without worrying about your private property or how you’re going to get to a job site from your temporary home? Well, there are a few options available that are comfortable enough to be a suitable living environment without being so lavish that it costs more to stay in the area than you’re making on the job.

Let’s go over them.


Serviced Accommodations

Finally, we get to the best option you have for good places to stay in Bristol for business: Serviced accommodations.

Serviced accommodations are kind of like home rentals. They’re houses or condos that have been repurposed as temporary housing that can be rented for a couple of days or even a year or more. These typically function like a hotel. You book your stay for as long as you need, the area is secured, and all the things you need to get by are included. There are even extra services you can get for an extra fee such as special parking or house cleaning. When your stay is over, you leave the accommodation according to your rental agreement.

Moreover, this accommodation usually has a complete living area with bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and a workspace that includes all the necessary furniture (see this website for office furniture references) required for a home office.

These are affordable, provide the most bang for your buck, and are one of the only options you have if you plan on having an extended business trip.

Boutique Hotel Rooms

Bristol’s city center is home to several boutique hotels that put luxury ahead of size. These are small, high-end hotel rooms that are perfect for one or two nights, and they have some pros and cons.

First, for a night or two, you don’t need much room. Especially if you’re on your own for this business trip. So, the small size shouldn’t be an issue. In return, you’ll be smack-dab in the middle of the city –close to many of the business operations in the area-, with stunning views of the skyline.

However, these rooms are also fairly expensive, and they’re not really available for longer stays; meaning they’re not an option if your trip is going to take a while. Thankfully, the security is top-notch, and the living areas are impressive.

Perimeter Hostels

If you’re looking for good places to stay in Bristol that aren’t very expensive, and you don’t mind a short commute into the heart of the city, you can always opt for one of the many outlying accommodations in the more suburban areas.

These hostels offer short to mid-term stays, reasonable accommodations and security, and an affordable price. We wouldn’t want to stay in any of them for an extended stay, but they can get the job done if you’re on a tight budget and don’t plan to bring the family along.

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