Holiday Parks in Devon VS Traditional Holiday

Back in the day, if you wanted to go on holiday to a specific location, you’d have to rent a hotel, figure out what was in the local area,  travel to all those spots and spend tons of time in the car, and pay for every single experience separately.


Well, you have another option, now.


You can buy a pass to the holiday parks in Devon. These parks have quite a few benefits, and we’re going to compare them to what you’d do on a traditional holiday, right now.


Let’s get started.




Traditionally, you’d have to rent a hotel for each day of your trip. The high price of a hotel adds up, and it can get fairly ridiculous during a five-day holiday.


When you go to the holiday parks in Devon, you get lodging included. Not only that, but you have various options to choose from such as a caravan spot, camping section, or a traditional room, and all of those choices are right there in the park.


With a hotel room and a travel plan, your hotel room usually isn’t going to be right next to all the cool things you want to do.


Travel Time:


We briefly touched on this, but you travel a lot less when you stay at a holiday park. After you make the initial trip, practically everything you can possibly want to do is in one convenient area.


If you compare that to a traditional trip, you have to travel to your hotel, set up base, and then hop back in your car to travel to all the different places you want to see. Those places can be extremely far away, and you might spend a third of your holiday just driving around. That adds up to petrol costs, and it wastes your time.




Yes, you have infinite variety (at least within the confines of Devon) when you plan a traditional holiday. How much can you actually enjoy in one trip, though? You can plan an enormous trip with 500 stops, but you’ll end up stressing yourself out and not seeing a fraction of it all. Sometimes, having nothing holding you back besides your wallet and time is a bad thing.


With the holiday parks in Devon, you get to experience everything in one convenient location, and everything’s within walking distance. You can go from horseback riding to drinking on the beach in less than fifteen minutes, and there’s a lot more than that to do.


Technically, there’s more variety in the entirety of Devon than there is at one resort, but you don’t get to experience all of it, and you end up with a much more limited experience overall.


The Holiday Park is the Better Deal


By getting a holiday park pass, you get a better deal. It can seem expensive upfront, but it’s actually a lot cheaper when you factor all of the costs of traveling, eating, and getting access to various activities into a traditional trip.


Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from leaving the resort to enjoy one of Devon’s pubs or attractions during your trip.



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