How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt With a Balance Transfer Credit Card

A balance transfer credit card can be a great way to save money on your credit cards. If you currently have a lot of credit card debt, especially debt on high-interest credit cards, you may be able to limit the amount of interest that you pay on that debt by transferring it to a balance transfer credit card. Here are four steps you can take to pay off your credit card debt more easily with the best balance transfer credit cards.

1. Find a Balance Transfer Credit Card With the Right Introductory Offer

A balance transfer credit card typically offers an introductory period of time during which you can transfer your balances and enjoy 0% APR. That means you can pay off your debt without having to pay interest on that debt. Introductory offers can vary tremendously, typically anywhere from 6 months to about 20 months, and a longer introductory offer will usually be better for higher debts.

2. Plan out Your Payments

Next, you need to make sure that you can plan out your payments and pay them off in the right amount of time. What good is a balance transfer credit card if you aren’t able to pay off the balance by the time the introductory offer expires? Sometimes, if you don’t pay off the balance in time, you can end up backpaying interest that would have accumulated throughout the time you had the balance on the card. Make sure you plan out how much you can afford to pay every month.

3. Transfer as Many High-Interest Credit Card Balances as Possible

When you open a balance transfer credit card, you’ll get a specific amount of credit for your credit line, typically depending on your creditworthiness. Depending on your credit line and how many credit card balances you’re currently holding, you may not be able to transfer all your credit card balances to the balance transfer card. If this is the case, try to transfer the ones with the highest interest first.

4. Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt Early If Possible

Even though you’re not paying interest on your balance transfer for the introductory portion, it’s still a good idea to try and pay off your debt as early as possible. Paying off your debt early allows you to reduce your debt ratio, which can significantly increase your credit score. Plus, it’s always nice not to have very much debt in general.


Paying off credit card debt is often difficult. If you’re interested in trying to pay off your credit card debt, it’s important that you utilize all arenas available to you. That may mean finding a balance transfer credit card that can help you pay off your credit card debt more easily. The best balance transfer credit card for you may be different from the best card for other people, but it’s important to use these four elements to maximize your usage of your balance transfer credit card.

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