googThe benefits of moving to London

If you’ve ever visited London then you know this city is alive with diversity, energy, dynamism and excitement. Offering everything from tourist sites to job opportunities to a breadth of food and drink establishments as well as some stunning architecture, living in London is quite a different experience to your average trip to the city. While it is not only a melting pot of different lifestyles, cultures and spaces, London also offers a range of housing options and not all of them are on the pricey side.



New and Upcoming areas


Plenty of boroughs around London are under the bracket of “new and upcoming” these days and while the statement carries with it potential and opportunity, it doesn’t quite do it justice. Take Ebbsfleet for example, this area is a completely new garden city built around the healthy and fulfilling lifestyle of its residents. With plenty of independent shops, cafes and bistros to grab an artisan coffee or a vegan wrap, the area celebrates enterprise and small businesses as well as promoting a balanced lifestyle with plenty of convenience and something to suit everyone. With a range of sports centres, a plethora of green outdoor spaces and parks, Ebbsfleet Garden City prioritises the health of its residents and their happiness.


With seamless connections around Ebbsfleet as well as fast trains into London and surrounding areas like Dartford a home in Ebbsfleet comes with plenty of ease especially with Ebbsfleet international taking passengers to and from Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam on a daily basis. Shared Ownership in Ebbsfleet is a great way to get on the property ladder here allowing you to buy a share in your home rather than the whole thing entirely. And with this way of buying now gaining popularity in the London area, shared ownership in London is a great option to explore if a home in the city is what you’re looking for.


Countryside areas


If you love the look of the city but also fancy coming home to something a little greener then a home in places like Surrey or Berkshire are a great option with the best of both worlds. Shared Ownership in Surrey offers a 20 minute journey into the city centre while having the Kent countryside on your doorstep. Well known for its affluence and archaic villages, there certainly a sense of the regal and majestic around here with the biggest town, Guildford boasting a castle at the centre and enchanting cobbled streets in-keeping with its historical setting. Shared ownership in Berkshire offers West London suburb living with some great schools, plenty of green space and brilliant transport connections in and around London. With West London’s undeniably swanky reputation, a home here is pretty ideal if you’re looking for cheap taxis home after a night in London and a more relaxing setting to return to after work.



Cityscapes and skyscrapers

If true city views are what you yearn for when it comes to living in London then look no further than Canary Wharf. Known for being the shiny face of the London business district and boasting some of the best London views, a move to Canary Wharf is simply lavish. offers shared ownership homes across London with everything you could want from a city apartment. And with connections across the capital it’s a move that packs a punch.


So if London is the city for you explore the range of living it offers before you make your move. And with plenty of ways to buy a home, getting on the property ladder here is a lot easier than you think.


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