Where to go in Vietnam on Holiday

Are you on your way to where to go in Vietnam on holiday? This beautiful, scenic country that refreshes your spirit is a great place for a holiday. Where to go in Vietnam on holiday is the next question most travellers ask. I will not lie to you, it can be difficult to choose a destination. This article will highlight some of the popular destinations in Vietnam.

Hanoi is one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam. It is also known as the cultural capital of Vietnam and has many attractions that many tourists love to experience. There are many historical attractions in Hanoi. These include the historical and religious structures as well as many modern attractions. There are many places of interest to visit in Hanoi and this includes the Hoan Kiem Lake, Ha Long Bay and the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Phnom Phen is a famous destination in Vietnam. It is very picturesque and is perfect for hiking and trekking. The wildlife in this region is also great and you can enjoy watching the numerous animals in the area. It also has a variety of beautiful beaches that you can enjoy lazing around on your holiday.

Hanoi Vietnam

An Ninhe National Park is another fantastic idea where to go in Vietnam on holiday. This park is located near the city of Hanoi. You can see many different species of monkeys here and the chance to photograph them is wonderful. It is possible to spend time in the national park without even leaving the city so you can experience it’s tranquility and peace.

Hue is another beautiful destination in Vietnam. It is a vibrant city filled with unique culture and traditions. You can soak up some wonderful historical secrets in this city as well as many modern attractions. Many travellers who travel to Hue often stay in the capital city of Hanoi so they can experience much of the local culture. If you do decide to stay in Hue, then you will be able to take some great trips to explore its many attractions and many cultural activities.

The Ha Long Bay is the largest bay in Vietnam and is located on the east coast. You can get some excellent boat rides here as well as snorkelling and other water activities. It is very popular with families staying in Phu Si town which happens to be its capital. Many tourists love this bay and often plan a holiday here that includes visits to Ha Long bay and nearby islands. One of the main things to see in this area is the massive market that takes place in late October and early November. This is the most important festival in Vietnam and continues for ten days.

The Mekong Delta is one of the most scenic places in Vietnam. You will find many beautiful rice fields here and lots of fish and other marine life. The trip to this part of Vietnam should be included on your Vietnam holiday. You can get an easy boat ride across the delta on a low-passenger boat or a speedboat. You can even rent a speedboat and take it all around the delta.

The southern region of Vietnam is home to some of the most gorgeous forests and beautiful scenery. There are lots of hiking trails to explore as well as awesome waterfalls. It is where to go in Vietnam on holiday where you can enjoy a much slower pace compared to the northern region. It is also a much preferred hiking and nature trail destination.

The North-Eastern region of Vietnam is known for its rich history. Many interesting caves and old temples can be found here. You can enjoy the historical sights as you trek around this region. There are many Buddhist monasteries here where you can stay for the night and experience their culture. The nightlife is also very good here and many bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues are available.

When looking for a suitable destination to go to on your Vietnam travel guide, make sure that you choose the one that includes the countryside. There is so much to see and do in the countryside. Hiking, riding a horse, cooking in rice paddies and simply relaxing in the sun are just some of the experiences that you can have. The Hanoi Opera House is another place worth visiting while you are on a trip to Vietnam. It is a must for any visitor to Vietnam.

The cuisine is a special treat for many people. Ho Chi Minh’s Cuisines is something that will simply not be forgotten when you visit Vietnam. There are many different types of Vietnamese dishes that you will find available on the menu and they all use locally grown ingredients. Make sure that you try many of these recipes when you are there.

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