How to Start a Travel Blog

Travel is one of the most popular topics of interest these days and there are more people starting travel blog. They travel from place to place writing about it, take a good photo like photo of beaches, hotels, tourist spots and selling their own personal experiences and knowledge of the travel industry. They have earned some good money doing this and some not so good but here are some tips for how to start a travel blog in the future.

How to start a travel blog in future: In this first article, we covered how to start a travel blog in the future by creating a Facebook account. You now know how to set up your own website, using Facebook Markdown. Next, you need to decide on your main site name, site description and social media links (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter). After that you should go ahead and create a Facebook page and integrate all the social media buttons into your website.

travel blog

How to start a travel blog in future: The next tip for how to start a travel blog in future is to play around with the WordPress theme. Most travel bloggers use WordPress. You can either download WordPress theme or create one yourself. The settings are quite simple and once you have done that you will be able to set the ultimate theme for your website and make it look very professional.

How to start a travel blog in future: Last but not least, in the next screen, click on ‘start’. You will see the WordPress dashboard. This is where you do your settings, your theme and everything else necessary. You can change settings like color scheme, fonts and more. Once done, you will be able to hit the ‘ikes’ button and you will be taken to the home page of your WordPress blog.

That’s it! In three years, when you’re ready, you can go back to this same page and set up your next blog. All that’s left for me is to promote it. I use social media to attract people to my travel blogging site and promote it using my affiliate marketing links. Now you can see why you can earn passive income by just setting up a WordPress blog!

So, you see, how to start a travel blog in the future? By starting out with the perfect theme and by using the WordPress admin panel to set everything up. If you get started with the right theme, then your journey to making money as a travel blogger will be smooth. But if you get started with a wrong theme, then all your hard work can go to waste and you won’t end up earning much money anyway. So be smart and pick a good WordPress theme!

Once you’ve picked a good WordPress theme, then the last thing to do to find success travel blog is to find an affiliate product to promote on your site. There are many affiliate programs to choose from. Just do a quick search on Google to find out which ones are the most popular. You’ll want to get affiliate products that are related to your topic, but also ones that are very inexpensive.

So now you know how to start a travel blog. The final step in how to start a travel blog is to promote that blog. You do this by getting on Google and search for the term ‘book deal’ or ‘book bundle’ and include the keyword in your site title and domain name. For example, if you own a travel blog about hiking and you’re offering a book deal on that topic, include the term ‘hiking books’. By doing this you’ll be able to attract visitors to your site who are interested in those types of items.

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