Best Destinations for a Budget Holiday

When it comes to booking your perfect budget holiday one of the best destinations you could choose is some of the beautiful Caribbean islands. The islands are surrounded by Europe and Atlantic Ocean and have many things to offer visitors from budget holidaymakers to luxury holidaymakers. Some of the best destinations for budget holidays in the Caribbean are as follows.

Antigua and Barbuda are known for their coral beauty. There are so many islands to explore in Antigua and there is a lot of opportunity to explore the beauty of coral reefs. In Antigua, you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, boating, fishing, golf and tennis. The beaches are ideal for water sports and if you want some excitement. Also, if you want to add a touch of luxury to your trip, you could consider looking up and narrowing your accommodation options down to a competitively priced CARIBBEAN VILLA to stay in instead of a regular hotel. Finally, there are casinos and nightclubs to enjoy your evenings in.

Barbados has a unique history with lots of cultural and historic value. There are many activities to do here. You can spend your budget holiday learning about British history and culture at a British museum. There are lovely parks to walk, castles and museums to visit. There are horse riding, bird watching, hiking, swimming, wind surfing and much more.


The Grenadines are made up of sixty-two small islands and have great beaches. There are lots of fun things to do and many tourists go here on a budget holiday. There are lovely beaches, scuba diving and boating. There are also wonderful places to eat and many great shops to buy souvenirs.

For those on a budget holiday there are plenty of choices in Sri Lanka. There are some great temples, a lively market and a beautiful beach. The beaches are sandy and the water is blue and clean. The food is fresh and the markets are busy. The hills are green and the mountains are quite imposing so this is one of the best destinations for a budget holiday.

The Dominican Republic is another wonderful place to visit. They have a warm, humid weather. Their coffee is delicious and their pork and other meat are affordable. The country is very wealthy, but there are some real bargains to be had. There is a wonderful market with lots of tropical fruit and vegetables.

Spain is a wonderful country to visit and is very affordable. The infrastructure is modern and the Spanish language is easy to learn. There is a very good selection of restaurants where you can eat and enjoy a nice lunch or dinner. During the summer they have a huge carnival and you can see thousands of people dressed in their best clothing. It is very peaceful and laid back here. The only downside is that you will need to make a return flight to return to Europe after spending so much time in Spain.

Egypt is another wonderful place to visit and they are extremely affordable. This is a wonderful African country that has a very large arid part and a more wet and rainy section. The food is very good here and the markets are very large. Egypt is another budget holiday hot spot and you can spend a lot of money here without feeling that much like a budget holiday because the prices are so low. This is a very popular destination with tourists and people that work in the major cities so it is very popular.

Portugal is a beautiful country in South America that is a great place for budget holiday makers to visit and you can save money when you are here on a budget holiday. There are plenty of adventurous activities (eg. kite surfing offered by Kite Control Portugal) and tourist attractions in Portugal and you will enjoy spending time in the city as well as exploring the countryside. This is a great holiday destination for people who love nature and the outdoors. There are some amazing holiday homes available for rent during your stay in Portugal.

Italy is another beautiful country that everyone should see and it is very affordable. They offer a very affordable and beautiful villas in Tuscany that you can stay in during your stay in Italy. You will find many amazing attractions here like the Piazza San Marco in Rome. This is a beautiful park with several beautiful architectural statues. You can also visit the L’Orient which is an old church and you can take a walk along the Roman Road.

France is a beautiful country in Europe that is also very affordable and you can see the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery in just one country. The best part about this country is the architecture and the view from the French countryside. When you travel to France there are various options for accommodations and if you book ahead, you can get the best deal and enjoy staying in the most beautiful part of France. You can go to this part of France during the summer months and stay in one of their vacation rentals.

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