About me

Urban Travel Place is a blog written for novice and seasoned travellers. You can find help on budgeting, information on destinations, city or beach guides, advice on starting your own blog and planning to quit the daily grind and to go and see what’s out there.

Hi, I’m Adam, a London native who took the brave decision to quit my full time job and to go and see what’s out there.

Why did I choose to write this blog?

Like most people I was told that you needed to go to college, study then get a job and settle down with children. I realised this was nonsense and that there was a whole world out there ripe for exploring. Many people feel that this is unattainable due to finances but I’m here to tell you that it’s not. You don’t need a huge amount of money behind you to pack your bags and go and see the world. There’s so many ways you can earn whilst away and also side hustles that will bank you cash while you sleep.

New beginnings

How I got started


Back in 2017 I decided to take a break from my career as graphic designer and what was meant to initially be 6 months travelling across America turned into a full time thing for me. Originally I was travelling alone but whilst in San Diego I met my fiancé Ally who now joins me on my travels.

How do we afford it? I still do freelance graphic design work as that can be done remotely from anywhere so luckily I have that privilege. But I’ve worked in bars, restaurants, been a tour guide, taught scuba diving and delivered parcels. If you plan ahead you will be fine, something I learned along the way.

Take a read through my blog to get some ideas before you go travelling and trust me, it’s not as hard as you think. However, here’s a few things to definitely read up on before you hit the road.

  • Plan an itinerary – The old saying goes ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’
  • Check if you need injections or vaccinations before you leave – It’s not worth considering what could happen if you don’t!
  • Confirm any Visa requirements – This is essential, don’t be turned away at the airport
  • Seasonal weather – Sounds obvious but you could get caught in a monsoon
    Create a packing list – Do it then do it again, will save you a lot of money
  • Learn local customs – Respect the locals and make sure you’re dressed appropriately